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Hercules Plantain






An erect plantain, which in cooler months has semi-prostrate growth preventing overgrazing, flowers significantly later than Tonic. Trials show Hercules is the greatest dry matter (DM) yielding plantain. Hercules produces a long and fibrous root system allowing the plant to draw moisture and minerals from deep within the soil. It has higher anthocyanin levels which make the minerals and nutrients more available to the rumen.

Herbivore Forage Chicory





Herbivore is a new, high quality leafy forage chicory with erect growth for improved feed utilisation. Herbivore has very fast establishment and regrowth vigour, meaning early and faster grazing rotations may be achieved. Herbivore excels in a range of soil fertilities and can tolerate moisture stress for long durations with help from its deep fibrous tap root. It also draws high levels of nutrients and trace minerals from deep within the soil reservoirs and distributes these to the leaf to give a very high quality Dry Matter (DM) / Digestibility percentage as well as high metabolisable energy (ME) and crude protein levels.


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