Primetime Forage Rape
Primetime Forage Rape



Primetime Forage Rape is an early maturing forage rape bred for high annual yields and excellent regrowth. Its quick establishment means that farmers can start grazing the crop earlier than other options, giving greater flexibility during tight feed periods. Being a multi-stemmed variety, multiple grazing’s are achievable in a season. Primetime has a high leaf to stem ratio meaning feed quality is extremely high, enhancing its stock finishing capabilities.

The combination of quick establishment and excellent cool season growth means that yields of up to 12,000 kgDM/ha are achievable (moisture permitting). Primetime can either be sown in the spring for summer feed, or early autumn for late autumn/winter production. It also has improved disease resistance for greater longevity and quality.

Soprano Forage Kale
Soprano Forage Kale


Soprano is a new high dry matter and high utilisation forage kale. Soprano has high leaf to steam ratio resulting in advanced palatability of the leading dry matter mass, meaning increased animal intake and reduced wastage per percentage of higher leaf ratio to less palatable stalk. The later flowering attributes of Soprano allow an improved grazing window, meaning greater flexibility for late season grazing is offered.

Agronomic Features:

  • Leading dry production
  • Low input/cost drymatter
  • High leaf to stum ratio
  • Late flowering


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