Pastoral Improvements offer high-quality seed, mixes and treatments for high performance forages. Our products are designed for New Zealand farmers. To buy seed listed below or discuss specific goals, call us or use our contact form.


Pre mixed Enviropature Seed mixes the minimum sale is one hectare. Some Enviro mixes are bagged in less than one hectare lots, then you can purchase 1 bag

Custom Seed mixes can only be undertaken for a minimum of 3 hectare coverage.

Individual species seed; min. sale is one bag ( normally 20/25kg)


We distribute via all independent seed resellers.
Contact us and we can help streamline the delivery process to insure your reseller can deliver as fast as possible.

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You can contact us using our contact form or call us and we will help you to find the right seeds or mix for your farm. Your dry matter production and stock health is always our  focus. To find out more about our discounts and promotions, you can sign  up for our latest news, by clicking the Contact button at the top of the page. You can also call us for more information

We can supply your farm with the following products:

Grass seed, Herbs, Legumes. Brassicas, Treatments, Forage mixes. Our products are suitable for all types of New Zealand farming. You can buy seed by contacting us, or find out more information by using the contact form


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