Afterburner Annual Ryegrass




Afterburner Annual Ryegrass is a densely tillered westerwold annual ryegrass seeds bred for high autumn, winter and spring production. Having fast establishment and excellent cool season production it is ideally suited as a break crop after maize or other annual crops. It has very good late season longevity meaning that farmers may be able to get a full 12 months from the crop instead of the 6 – 9 months with traditional annuals.

Being a tetraploid, Afterburner ryegrass seeds provides the highest quality feed value available which enhances animal production. Dry matter yields and regrowth from Afterburner is extremely high enabling multiple grazing’s to be undertaken in a season before being shut up for silage or hay.

Contest Italian Ryegrass

Contest Italian Ryegrass seeds is a newly developed, highly performing, Italian Ryegrass ideal for all classes of livestock farming. Contest has been bred for increased cool season dry matter production (late autumn, winter, early spring) but also offers strong summer growth and persistence.

Contest is a late heading Italian Ryegrass, meaning its stays leafy and vegetative longer into the season. Because of this, Contest offers high levels of quality feed – especially Metabolisable Energy, Digestibility and Protein.

Contest can either be sown on its own as a pure stand of bulk feed for 1-2 years or be direct drilled into existing pasture to extend the life of a paddock. Its quick establishment and high vigour means it can provide quick levels of feed when most needed.

Contest is also densely tillered, increasing persistency even if it is grazed to low levels. If summer moisture is not limiting, Contest will persist for 24+ months.

Primefest Festulolium

Primefest is a unique, newly available variety combing the traits of its two parents – Italian Ryegrass and Meadow Fescue. The Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass seeds parentage means that it is highly winter active with very good annual yields, while the Meadow Fescue enhances its longevity to give farmers a 2-3 year growing option.

Meadow Fescue is a deeper rooting, perennial plant with high feed quality often persisting for 5+ years. When this is combined with Italian Ryegrass it producers a hybrid type variety that provides the growth of an Italian Ryegrass but the persistence of a more perennial plant.

Primefest is ideally suited for farmers looking for a reliable 2-3 year grazing option, either on its own or mixed with clover and herbs (chicory/plantain) for high performing finishing scenarios.

Dual Hybrid Ryegrass

DUAL is a late-heading, tetraploid, long-rotation hybrid ryegrass seeds with a unique combination of high annual dry matter (DM) yields and exceptional winter growth, while offering high digestibility, palatability and metabolizable energy (ME).

DUAL is suitable for all stock classes and silage requirements. DUAL’s nil endophyte, tetraploid qualities give superior animal intakes and live weight gains (LWG). It is perfect for farmers wishing to maximise pasture and animal production with a long rotation option. Provided summer moisture is not limited and with standard pasture pest management monitoring DUAL will persist beyond four years.


TACTIC is a hardy dense tillering, low endophyte, diploid Perennial Ryegrass. TACTIC gets up and going early giving enhanced dry matter (DM) production early in the season with great winter and early spring dry matter yields, ideal timing for lambing in August and September. TACTIC is very resilient and performs well under hard grazing.

The attributes of TACTIC give superior animal performance and stagger free grazing of a low endophyte variety as well

as a hardy plant that will withstand hard grazing and persist very well.

Grasslands Marsden Hybrid Perennial Ryegrass


Grasslands Marsden Hybrid long rotation ryegrass was arguably the first ryegrass to be selected for palatability based on low leaf strength and low cellulose.

AgResearch Grasslands breeders selected for these characteristics because research shows they are related to higher animal liveweight gain. This relationship was borne out in subsequent lamb growth-rate trials in which Marsden showed significant carcass weight advantages. Marsden’s ryegrass seeds parentage of 75% perennial and 25% italian makes it a long rotation grass with multiple advantages of hybrid vigour, perennial persistence, cool season growth and excellent rust resistance, resulting in high quality feed throughout the year.

Endofree Marsden has been the preferred ryegrass for many farmers in Southland where its nil endophyte status has lifted stock growth rates, reduced dags and provided freedom from grass staggers. These benefits are now available to all farmers through Marsden ARI.

Grasslands Marsden is highly regarded by stock farmers across the board as a leader in the field. Excellent results have been reported using the grass either as a pure stand or in a pasture mix. Its compatibility with clovers makes it particularly suitable for growing and finishing stock as well as dairying.


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