Referral Rewards

It’s a great feeling hooking up your mates with great deals.

Let us show you how your referral can work to benefit you, the referred farmer and us:


  • The referred farmer will have the opportunity to sow market leading, high performance varieties at a fraction of the cost.
  • Farmers can buy our varieties from all independent seed resellers. So if they have a preferred supplier/agent that they like to deal with we will facilitate the order, dispatch and freight with all parties included – ensuring the seed arrives as promptly as possible.
  • Pastoral Improvements offers a personalised approach, to insure the correct forage varieties are supplied for the unique production situation and timely delivery of seed.
  • Dealing with a NZ owned and operated business, meaning NZ supply chains are used, profits stay in NZ and not Europe or China.
  • Your reward voucher options; it’s entirely over to you. The reward is a 5% of retail  (excluding gst) price spend. Vouchers are redeemable at a range of outlets as well as paid to a charity or club of your choice. This adds up big time. A 10 Ha paddock pasture renewal costs around a $1500+ gst spend (rewards of $75). An average sized farm seed spend per year is $10-20K (rewards of $500-$1000) Register Here
  • Your relationship with the referred farmer hasn’t been built over night so rather than a one off reward, we want to reward you each time your referral buys our seed.
  • Relationships actually strengthen when someone we deal with lets us know about a good deal or a product that will benefit us in some way.

All of these positive outcomes just for mentioning to a farmer about us and that we are worth giving a bell on 03 302 7909.

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