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The content of all Pastoral Improvement Ltd websites (including Cover Crops, Hercules Plantain) and all promotional material, including all product descriptions, text, graphics including product images, names, logos and trademarks are protected by copyright, trade mark and other intellectual property laws unless expressly indicated otherwise. All rights, title and interest in and to the content are owned, licensed or controlled by Pastoral Improvements Ltd.


Where an order has been placed and accepted a contract for supply will be deemed to exist and therefore acceptance of these terms and conditions is also deemed to be accepted.
No alterations to these terms and conditions are accepted unless agreed to in writing by Pastoral Improvements Ltd.


We do retain your name and contact details however we do not share your information with any other parties.
Confirmation of an order is acknowledged as establishment that the Purchaser authorises Pastoral Improvements Ltd to retain this information to utilize for any subsequent offerings , information or dealings that the purchaser may have with the Company.


Unless otherwise agreed all prices are in NZ Dollars, exclusive of GST and are on an ‘ex store’ basis. Prices are subject to market fluctuation/change without notification.


Quotations are valid for 30 days from issue unless otherwise stated.


Acceptable forms of payment are via direct credit payment (as per bank account details stated on our invoices) or by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), Credit card payment option is available on purchases after 1.8.22. Cheques are not accepted.

A surcharge of up to 2% is payable on credit card payments and is levied at time of payment.

Credit Card details are not retained by the company.



Payment is required in full prior to 20th Month following invoice date,unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed in writing with Pastoral Improvements Ltd.

If Pastoral Improvements Limited incur legal costs or any other expenses in obtaining, or attempting to obtain payment for an overdue due amount the purchaser is liable for the payment of those costs and expenses.

Pastoral Improvements Ltd reserves the right to charge interest at 2% per month on overdue accounts from the date the payment falls due to the date the payment is received.


All goods are covered by the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, goods will be carried at “limited carrier’s risk.” Purchasers who require insurance beyond this limit are responsible for any subsequent insurance. We accept no liability for any default or delay in the delivery of the order or any part of it.



Please return pallets to Pastoral Improvements Ltd
665 Highbank Cairnbrae Rd
Methven, Canterbury
Tel 0800 697 3337
email admin@pastoralimprovements.co.nz


Advise pallets returns to (admin@pastoralimprovements.co.nz) and ensure you advise the transport company you are using.
Return freight costs are your care.

To claim a pallet credit, copy us your POD. We will immediately credit your account at the same rate you were charged for the pallets.


Pastoral Improvements has the absolute discretion to accept a return of product or to credit the purchaser with the cost thereof. We aim for satisfied and supported customers. We will always try and help.


The sale of Products by Pastoral Improvements Ltd is made on the basis that the Purchaser accepts the following conditions:
All descriptive information supplied on the basis that it is a guide only.
Results may vary depending on geographical location, soil conditions, climate and management practices. The Company will not accept responsibility for the outcome.
Pastoral Improvements Ltd offer no further warranty, we will not be held liable for any loss arising from the use of any Products supplied by us. We will not be held liable for any failing in performance, or any defect in, the product supplied by us or from any acts or omissions of the Pastoral Improvements Ltd pursuant to these terms and conditions.
The Liability of Pastoral Improvements Ltd as the vendor of the Product whether in contract (or pursuant to any cancellation of any contract) or in tort, for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any misdescription, defect or non-compliance of the product supplied (whether such liability arises from any express term of any contract or is implied by law), or for any failure to achieve the result expected or for any representation made, or for negligence, is limited to replacement of such Product, at the Company’s option, or to damages not exceeding the purchase price of the Product in respect of which such liability arises.


Pastoral Improvements may alter the Terms and Agreements from time to time. The current and conditions are available on www.pastoralimprovements.co.nz

Dated 1.7.2022

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