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About Us

Pastoral Improvements is a proprietary forage seed development and marketing enterprise focused on serving farmers best interests in feed production

  • Pastoral Improvements markets and distributes to the engine room of the New Zealand economy (the best farmers in the world) through independent rural resellers throughout New Zealand and with strategic international research, development and distribution partnerships.
  • Uniquely 100% New Zealand owned and privately held, giving a heightened interest in our farming partners success, longevity and long term relationships with us and our forages.
  • Pastoral Improvements focuses on the farmer’s practical needs, cost efficiencies and assisting the sustainable and profitable use of their on-farm resources. This is achieved by enhanced product performance and economical product options, through innovative product development, strategic partnerships and efficient supply chains.
Riley O'Neill

Riley O'Neill

Managing Director  |  027 522 4227

“I have never met a farmer complaining about too much quality dry matter or too much animal production. Continuing to lead with integrity in these primary areas is our key focus.”