As environmental pressures are placed on pastoral farms, farmers need to utilise pasture species which perform best with nutrient or water restrictions.

ENVIROPASTURES  (High Diversity custom mixed pasture species) are developed with

  • Best practice in mind always
  • Utilising selective plant breeding
  • Backed up by science that limits excess fertility losses and soil moisture, enhancing the ability to perform as a high dry matter producer
  • Species which have the ability to mine trace minerals from the depths of the soil
  • Deep rooting varieties which utilise moisture deeper in the soil profile
  • Legume components producing high-quality feed as well as being a nitrogen factory
  • The reduced need for artificial fertilisers 
  • The goal to help meet environmental plan targets by the reduction of nutrient loss 


Every farming operation is unique and each operation has different short and long term goals, therefore when considering your sowing options there are some key questions that need to be asked for the best individual custom feed and seed requirements.


  • Establish your feed requirements.
    How much dry matter is required in each season?
  • When do you want the feed.
    If sowing now, when do you want to be grazing?
  • How long do you expect the crop or pasture to be productive for?
    Is this a short rotation 1-2 years or permanent pasture?
  • What are the budgeted inputs and outcomes of the sowing/re-pasturing exercise?
    i.e. direct drilled, pest management, Chemical spend, fertiliser/nutrient and mineral inputs. xx number of stock unit feed over defined dates.
  • Threats: what are they and how best to limit the ones that we are able to with our forage selection based on variety tolerance to extremes.
    For example environmental (drought, flood), pests/insects, plant competition.
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