Annual Clovers


Captain Crimson Clover
Arrowleaf Clover

High-quality spring and summer feed in low rainfall areas

An annual clover that produces significant, high-quality, feed in late spring and summer trial experiments have shown yields in excess of 9000kg DM/ha.

Autumn sown 3kg / ha in a mix or 8kg / ha as a single species. Do not sow deeper than 4-5 mm.


  • A good companion for Hercules plantain and perennial legumes such as red and white clover boosting production in the first year.
  • Deep taproot.
  • Bloat safe and highly palatable.


Captain Crimson Clover
Balansa Clover

Balansa clover is an adaptable annual, self-regenerating forage legume with hard seed content. It is adapted to most soils where subterranean clover grows well, tolerates wet, waterlogged conditions during winter, and has low to moderate tolerance to saline soils.


  • Suitable for a diverse range of soils and adaptable to acid and alkaline soils (pH 5.4-8);
  • Suitable for conserved feed.
  • Hard seeded allowing seed set in future years if allowed to flower.
  • As a stand-alone crop sow at 5-8kg per hectare.
Captain Crimson Clover
Captain Crimson Clover
Captain Crimson Clover

Captain Crimson is a highly vigorous and versatile annual clover. It is a tap rooted legume, is capable of producing exceptional biomass and is a leader in nitrogen production.

Captain Crimson’s high annual production, good winter activity and Low bloat risk make these clover seeds a perfect complimentary companion species for annual ryegrass and cereal forage. The establishment vigour of Captain Crimson seeds significantly aids weed suppression and early flowering offers maximum nitrogen fixing during early Spring to further boost companion species.

Recommended sowing rate 1-4kg Ha Mixed or 8-10kg Ha standalone crop.



Persian clover is a very palatable annual clover with excellent regrowth.

Used in high-density legume crops.

Minimum average annual rainfall for Persian clovers is 450 mm.

Autumn or Spring sown seeds. Winter-growing, annual capable of excellent Autumn Winter and Spring growth.

  • Extremely high production potential.
  • Multi cut forage crop.
  • Tolerant of seasonal flooding.
  • Some tolerance of salinity.
  • Free of oestrogen risks.


Strawberry Clover

Strawberry clover is a water tolerate legume with the longlived tap root. This perennial clover seeds suitable for difficult soil conditions.

Strawberry clover is a highly adaptable hard seeded perennial clover that performs well in hostile conditions. It is generally considered the best clover for toxic soils with high tolerance to salinity, alkalinity and waterlogging. It is also tolerant of the majority of insect and disease pests that affect other clovers. Palestine strawberry clover is prostrate in growth habit and slow to establish with poor winter growth but generally is more persistent than other perennial clovers under grazing.

  • Deep rooted perennial clover.
  • Good hard seed levels.
  • Good performance under hostile conditions (salinity, alkalinity & waterlogging).

Perennial Legumes


Captain Crimson Clover

Lotus is a hardy perennial species resembling Lucerne in its use and management. Lotus is adapted to most soils and is drought tolerant. It produces high-quality forage and contains properties that prevent bloating in grazing livestock.


  • Lotus is a perennial forage legume and handles a wide range of soil types.
  • Prominent taproots mean Lotus tolerates drought well.
  • Winter hardy crop that is great for hay and silage.
  • Sow at 1-10kg Ha.


Red Rascal is a broadleaf red clover, a high feed value, short lived summer growing perennial that is early to mid-flowering.

These seeds are suitable to for fertile soils with good drainage. The deep root system is beneficial under dry summer conditions.

Red Rascals leafy upright growth habit make it an ideal companion to forage herbs (plantain, chicory) and for hay/silage making.

Red Rascal is a medium term legume option often persisting more than 3 years.

  • Excellent Nitrogen Fixation.
  • Very Good Leaf to Stem Ratio.
  • Good Disease Resistance.
  • Breaks Compaction.
  • Suppresses Weeds.


Captain Crimson Clover

In a class of its own. Great for boosting biodiversity

Sainfoin is a perennial legume herb that is highly palatable to animals and has an excellent nutritional balance. It can be grazed, or fed as hay or silage. Sainfoin has a tap root that grows down to great depth, making the plant highly drought tolerant and the ability to draw up minerals from well below the topsoil. Unlike many other legumes, Sainfoin is non-bloating and is known to have anthelmintic properties. The result is that animals grazing sainfoin has very rapid live weight gains.



  • Non bloating forage.
  • Anthelmintic properties.
  • Deep rooting.
  • High DM Yield.
  • • Silage and hay crop.


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