With environmental pressures being placed on pastoral farms, farmers need to start thinking about using pasture species that are going to perform best under nitrogen or water restrictions.

Combining the latest science, plant breeding and best practice, ENVIROPASTURES (mixed pasture species) promote natural nitrogen utilisation and limit excess fertility loses through their ability to mine excess nutrients and moisture in the soil. In high dry matter production systems, ENVIROPASTURES are a must for any farmers wanting to maintain production under potential environmental restrictions.

How else can ENVIROPASTURES be utilised to lift farm productivity?
Mixed species pastures provide a great source of trace minerals that would otherwise need to be supplemented. The deep rooting ENVIROPASTURES species such as chicory and plantain draw up these minerals from the soil which are often unutilised under monoculture pastures. Not only do grazing animals thrive on mixed species pastures, the soil also benefits as the legume component of ENVIROPASTURES produce natural nitrogen, reducing a farms spend on artificial nitrogen such as urea.


Every farming operation is unique and each operation has different short and long term goals, therefore when considering your sowing options there are some key questions that need to be asked for the best individual custom feed and seed requirements.

Establish your feed requirements.
How much dry mater is required in each season?

When do you want the feed.
If sowing now, when do we want to be grazing?

How long do you expect the crop or pasture to be productive for?
Is this a short rotation 1-2 years or permanent pasture?

What are the budgeted inputs and outcomes of the sowing/re-pasturing excersize?
i.e. direct drilled, pest management, Chemical spend, fertiliser/nutrient and mineral inputs. xx number of stock unit feed over defined dates.

Threats, what are they and how best to limit the ones that we are able to with our forage selection based on variety tolerance to extremes.
For example environmental (drought, flood), pests/insect, plant competition.

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