Referral Rewards

Some great positive outcomes all around just for mentioning to a farmer about us and that we are worth giving a bell on 03 3027 909.

Let’s quickly run through the simple process step by step:


  1. Fire through your details to us via the form below, so we can register you for referral rewards. We can send you some of our forage seed guides at your request also.
  2. Send the names of the farmer/s you believe would benefit from our forage seed performance and bottom line savings. Your farmer referral can remain anonymous yet you will still be awarded donations or vouchers. Providing you are the first person to refer the farmer to us, this farmer will be registered to your referral list for ongoing rewards when they purchase our products.
  3. Choose your preferred voucher type listed below. Vouchers can also be grouped with other registered users or can be a group rather than an individual.
  4. Mention us to the referred farmer. If they are interested, leave one of our Forage Seed Guides with them, so that they can be informed about where are products fit and which products may benefit them. Our policy is  leading products at the sharpest prices. All Pastoral Improvements products are available via your existing supplier.
  5. You earn rewards any time a farmer that you referred buys Pastoral Improvements proprietary seed from us or any reseller (as long as we can determine they are the end user).
  6. You can reap/allocate your rewards on a monthly basis or accumulate them. All donations specified will be made in your name by us. Receipted to us – with copies of receipts sent to you.


Voucher Reward Examples : Your local school, Sports club, Starship Hospital, Ticketek, Liquorland, Hunting and Fishing, Rebel Sports, House of Travel or group fishing charter.


Register for our Referral Rewards Programme Here:

    Preferred Reward Voucher or Donation
    Local School (add below)Sports Club (add below)Starship HospitalTicketekLiquorlandHunting & FishingRebel SportsHouse of TravelGroup Fishing CharterOther (add below)

    Farmer/s name or Farm name & Contact Details (contact details optional)

    If Yes, please add your address in the comments below and we will courier the guides to you.


    Starship Children's Health
    Hunting & Fishing
    House of Travel
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