Contest Italian Ryegrass


Contest Italian Ryegrass seeds is a newly developed, highly performing, Italian Ryegrass ideal for all classes of livestock farming. Contest has been bred for increased cool season dry matter production (late autumn, winter, early spring) but also offers strong summer growth and persistence.


Contest is a late heading Italian Ryegrass, meaning its stays leafy and vegetative longer into the season. Because of this, Contest offers high levels of quality feed – especially Metabolisable Energy, Digestibility and Protein.


Contest can either be sown on its own as a pure stand of bulk feed for 1-2 years or be direct drilled into existing pasture to extend the life of a paddock. Its quick establishment and high vigour means it can provide quick levels of feed when most needed.


Contest is also densely tillered, increasing persistency even if it is grazed to low levels. If summer moisture is not limiting, Contest will persist for 24+ months.


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