Grasslands Marsden Hybrid Perennial Ryegrass


Grasslands Marsden Hybrid long rotation ryegrass was arguably the first ryegrass to be selected for palatability based on low leaf strength and low cellulose.

AgResearch Grasslands breeders selected for these characteristics because research shows they are related to higher animal liveweight gain. This relationship was borne out in subsequent lamb growth-rate trials in which Marsden showed significant carcass weight advantages. Marsden’s ryegrass seeds parentage of 75% perennial and 25% italian makes it a long rotation grass with multiple advantages of hybrid vigour, perennial persistence, cool season growth and excellent rust resistance, resulting in high quality feed throughout the year.

Of particular interest to producers is the fact that not only does Marsden offer superior stock performance, it also has high yield. Marsden topped dry-matter production in ten years of National Forage Variety Trials with perennial ryegrasses in Canterbury and is still among the top four in subsequent NFVT trials.

Endofree Marsden has been the preferred ryegrass for many farmers in Southland where its nil endophyte status has lifted stock growth rates, reduced dags and provided freedom from grass staggers. These benefits are now available to all farmers through Marsden ARI.

Grasslands Marsden is highly regarded by stock farmers across the board as a leader in the field. Excellent results have been reported using the grass either as a pure stand or in a pasture mix. Its compatibility with clovers makes it particularly suitable for growing and finishing stock as well as dairying.

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