Assessing annual clovers as an important part of your re-sowing programme is a valuable use of time, and boy, do we have an awesome range on offer for you! Check out the options below and give us a call to discuss your needs.

Our products cover a wide range of strategies and are great value ….


An annual clover that produces significant high quality feed in late spring and summer, trial experiments have shown yields in excess of 9000kg DM/ha compared with 3000kg of sub clover and 1800kg of white clover.

  • High quality Spring and Summer feed in low rainfall areas
  • Deep tap root
  • Considered bloat safe whilst highly desirable and palatable
  • Will grow to 800mm tall
  • Has the ability to suppress summer weeds and forage for moisture and nutrient


Balansa clover is an adaptable annual, self regenerative forage legume with hard seed content. It has adapted to most soils where subterranean clover grows well, tolerates wet, waterlogged conditions during winter, and has low to moderate tolerance to saline soils.

  • Suitable for a diverse range of soils and adaptable to acid and alkaline soils (pH 5.4-8)
  • Suitable for conserved feed
  • Hard seeded allowing seed set in future if allowed to flower
  • Suitable for spring sowing


Captain Crimson is a highly vigorous and versatile annual legume. It is tap rooted and capable of producing exceptional biomass while being a leader in nitrogen production.

  • High annual production with good winter activity and low bloat risk
  • Complimentary companion species for annual ryegrass and cereal forage.
  • The establishment vigour of Captain Crimson significantly aids weed suppression and early flowering offers maximum nitrogen fixing during early Spring to further boost companion species.


An annual legume producing a highly palatable and nutritious forage. With a high Spring yield and excellent regrowth after cutting or grazing.

  • Waterlogging tolerance.
  • Highly palatable and digestible feed.
  • Minimum average rainfall 450mm for Persian clover
  • Extends pasture growth further into late spring when seasonal conditions permit.
  • Can grow to heights excess of a metre.


Early season performer, with high DM yield in later winter and early spring. Allow the first year seed set in the spring to allow self regeneration.

  • Excellent weed suppression
  • Well suited to high demand livestock
  • Earliest growing legume
  • Suits aerial application

offers you diversity. Get the right advice from your trusted seed representative/our partners or Pastoral Improvements about your mix design.  

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