SOMETHING HAS CHANGED   You have more tools
Livestock farming still requires feed when feed growth is slower than the dietary intake. We now have the tools to adjust to the many factors that are set to challenge you when meeting your winter feed requirements.

Growing a crop so that it’s yield covers the feed demand in an identified period.
Working backwards to identify your planting window to maximise yield.
Is there an available paddock fit for sowing in this planting window?
Do your climatic factors allow planting in this sowing window ?
Climatic growing conditions.
Adverse climatic conditions can influence your yield.
What is the plan to fill this yield gap?
Weed and Pest pressure. 
Crop establishment and post establishment management.
Crop turnaround.
When will your paddock provide feed again after the last grazing.

THE TOOL BOX   For Autumn sowing and planning
 Single graze Crops  – May to August grazing period.
Brassica such as Rape and Turnip.
Now it’s too late for fodder beet and kale.
 Multi graze Crops – April to November grazing period.
Cereals such as Oats, Ryecorn, Triticale .
Short rotation grass mixes.
Multi Purpose mixes – Semi permanent mixes that can be grazed or saved.
Customized Mixed species can offer a longer cool season grazing window.


  • Identify your challenges
  • Use the right tools
  • Buy the right seed
  • Ensure the components in your seed mix are compatible
  • Know the purpose of each component
  • Get the right advice from your trusted seed representative/our partners or Pastoral Improvements about your mix design.

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