Having problems with clover persitency?
Strawberry clover is generally more persistent than other perennial clovers in grazing situations.

Soils toxic? Saline? Suffers water logging?
Strawberry clover  is the best clover in these challenging situations it is also more tolerant of the majority of insect and disease pests that affect other clovers.

High Summer temperatures?
Strawberry clover will survive at higher temperatures than other clovers.

Heavy grazing situations?
Strawberry clover survives heavy grazing better than other clovers.

Strawberry clover is a hard seeded perennial clover that outperforms other clovers in challenging conditions. It is generally considered the best clover for toxic soils with high tolerance to salinity, alkalinity and waterlogging. The key to persistency being

  • Deep rooted perennial clover
  • Good hard seed levels
  • Strong spreading ability
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