Pump Grass Production by using a tetraploid hybrid ryegrass such as Dual.

Dual purpose, dual has italian vigor and perennial persistence . Let the livestock choose – high ME and palatability means stock will eat more of tetraploid hybrid sward and convert into milk meat or fibre.

The yield off tetraploid hybrids is phenonamil,this is what is required for modern intensive farming systems – ryegrasses that provide bulk high quality feed extending through to the summer months whilst, because of its upright structure still allows clover to thrive and ehance the swards performance.

It is the cell structure of a tetraploid – four sets of chromosomes per cell compared with diploid grasses that have two sets which means a higher ratio of water soluble carbohydrates (sugar) compared with fibre.

With rapid and reliable establishment tetraploid hybrids are a fantastic tool to return winter damaged pastures to quality production swards. This can add 3-5 years of life to a damaged paddock. Trials have shown the most cost effective way in restoring productive pastures after winter / early spring damage has been through re – seeding using fast establishing hybrid ryegrass types.

As a variety Dual represents a value for money option as a tetraploid hybrid ryegrass.

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